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Product lead, developer, photographer. As technology continues to eat the world, I strive to be the driving force behind it. I'm always eager to learn and take on any challenge thrown my way.

  • Ryerson University, Ted Rogers School of Management
  • Business Technology Management, Co-op - Bachelor of Commerce
Features & Awards

'Giving hacking a good name' - Social Good Hackathon

Metro News, Artist Take - Cover & 500px Workshop

RFPA Financial Planning Case, Mar 2017 - First Place

RBC Next Great Innovator, Sep 2017 - Third Place

NEXT36 Startup Sprint, Oct 2017 - Third Place

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Work Experience

Being a co-op student has provided me with the opportunities to work within various financial institutions to learn about to the functions of the bank and how my skills can be leveraged to design innovative solutions. Incase you missed the two keywords above, finance & technology are my two interests and I’m grateful to have combined them both through my work.

If you're interested in learning more, feel free to check out my resume.

CIBC Live Labs

Product Lead, 2018 (Current)

Just joined the team! I'll update with details once the term has progressed.

BMO Wealth

Digital Strategy & Research Analyst, 2017

Over the summer, I worked under the Data & Analytics and Digital team to build new products and improve existing processes.

  • Developed user stories and designed the UI of a centralized advisor dashboard.
  • Built client segmentation profile to visualize how traders can be leveraged as a greater revenue source
  • Coded queries using SQL and SAS to manage datasets, design reports & visualizations

CIBC Wealth Tech

Process Analyst & Developer, 2016

My first term, I assisted with removing redundant processes and learned about technical risks within personal wealth.

  • Coded & implemented VBA automation within dashboards to increase productivity
  • Built Kijiji based web app with agile Skunk Works team to improve student work & learning experience
  • Chaired weekly risk meetings with internal LOBs to delegate duties and provide risk remediation advice

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Outside of school and work, I'm constantly building upon my skills as a developer by completing projects, attending hackathons and meetups. Ranging from basic HTML & CSS to complicated NodeJS, I've completed countless, different, projects that have taught me how to develop useful web applications. You can also check out my Github which is always being updated with new projects.

RBC Next Great Innovator

Hackathon, September 2017

Provide​ ​experiential​ ​learning​ ​opportunities​ ​to​ ​challenge students ​while​ ​solving​ problems​ not​ ​currently​ ​undertaken​ ​by​ ​RBC,​ ​with ​support​ ​and​ ​mentorship​ from RBC leaders.



Challenge, Feburary 2017

30 different vanilla JavaScript projects completed within the span of 30 days. This allowed to me to expand my knowledge on ES6 and build dynamic websites.


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